Incarcerated CCB Member Publishes Book from Prison

June 4th, 2015

A description of the book from the publisher of “Blackberry Juice” by Ralph Hamm:

Blackberry Juice is an impressive collection of short stories, essays, poetry, and a full length play, from a remarkable man who has spent the greater part of his life in prison. It contains a wide range of his writing styles and subject matter that not only attest to his talent as a writer but also to his insight, vision, and intellect as a leader of stature in the prison reform movement and the black community in general.

It is a powerful book, not a palliative full of mellifluous words attempting to soften the implications of the harsh truths of racism in the justice system, too often ignored or simply dismissed as the work of an “angry black man,” merely playing the “race card,” rather it is a clear-eyed, analytical exposé, by a gifted writer, of the realities and implications of racism for one prisoner who is in need of justice. The book is available from Little Red Cell Publishing,

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