Letter of Welcome

Welcome!  Thank you for finding us.  We are glad to have you.  The Community Church of Boston is a congregation of individuals searching for truth and creating a family of compassion and understanding with the hope of fostering justice and equity within the world we touch.

If you are not familiar with our church you will soon find that we are quite different from many congregations within Boston and around the country.  While we may not come together with a shared perspective on God, faith, or spirituality we do come together with a shared commitment to creating a better world, for as the World Social Forum proclaims, “Another world IS possible!”  We are here to serve those who have long been part of the congregation, new folks who join us, and all those living within the Greater Boston areas that share a similar purpose and intention.

We would like to invite all those who are new to visit with us or begin joining us for one of our Sunday services.  This website is one of the avenues through which you can connect with us.  Here you will find updates on who our 11:00 a.m. Sunday service.  You can also connect with the social justice work we are involved in, watch Sunday services you could not make it in for, find out who is the upcoming Sunday speakers art and what the topic is up for discussion and so much more.