Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: October 2015

October 31st, 2015

October 2015 Board of Directors Minutes

President’s Report: A workshop will take place at First Parish of Brookline on November 14th, from 11am to 4pm. This is a good price for welcoming Unitarian Universalist (UUA) certification. The first four entries will be charged $75, and then $40 per person with expenses incurred by CCB. Those interested in participating may consult the Church. Two members of the Church have signed up thus far.

Pastoral type care is needed. More details will be forthcoming in future Sunday programs in accordance with responses from attendees. A discretionary fund (a second collection on a monthly basis) was suggested as was keeping in touch with those who have not been attending Church on a regular basis.

Financial Report: The treasurer presented the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Budget Performance reports while reviewing several of the relevant line items pertaining to the financial status of the Church.

Program Committee: The Program Committee is in “good shape” through December 31 and tentatively from January to June 2016. There will be a talk on Black Lives Matter and hopefully one on the subject of the Middle East. The Committee is looking for direction on the kind of speakers who should be presented.

Various Concerns: A committee of four individuals has been formed to coordinate activities concerning the 95th anniversary of CCB which will be held on December 6th, 2015 with Noam Chomsky as guest speaker. More details will follow shortly.

Dick Keshishian, Clerk

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